3D Printing

3D Printed Ornaments

3D Printed Ornaments

These are 3D Ornaments that the Grade 6 student working with Mrs. Fiks in an Enrichment Math group created.

They used the program Tinkercad on-line website to create  3D models and they were printed on a MakeBot 3D printer.

Four students had their 3D projects sent to Manitoba Education and Training to be put on display for the upcoming three-day  collaborative conference to develop long-term provincial literacy and numeracy strategies in January 9-11, 2018

Bob Beaudry, the divisional Math consultant, assisted with the development and training needed to assist the grade 6 students in attaining the skills and knowledge to use the on-line program Tinkercad.

Next term this Grade 6 Enrichment group will be learning to use Scratch Studio to develop skills in coding and creating computer games.

Written by Kerry Fiks