Elm Creek School High School Wellness Day

Be Well!  Live Well!!

Elm Creek School has been a leader in the Prairie Rose School Division by creating an annual Wellness Day that started in 2014! The intention of the Gr. 7-12 Wellness Day on Friday, December 8th was to have students participate in a variety of wellness activities.   The activities spanned a number of relevant topics to increase awareness and focus on what daily strategies and activities students could adopt that would be the most beneficial for each person to implement in their lives to achieve and maintain optimal physical and mental health.  We enjoyed hosting Miami School’s Gr. 7 & 8 students and teachers at this year event!

Our guest speaker was Mitch Bourbonniere!  Mitch has been working with children for over 30 years. His recent work in creating an action therapy program is recognized as a key catalyst in stimulating positive, healthy lifestyle change in many of today’s youth. Additional wellness topics included:  overcoming challenges and persevering, gaming and the adolescent brain, mental health, identity, cannabis use and the laws, and body image.  Thank you to all of this year’s presenters and our planning team of Mrs. Carlson, Mr. Tyler & Mr. Findlay for this great day for students and staff!